Northanger Abbey / by McDermid, Val.; Austen, Jane,1775-1817.Northanger Abbey.;
Seventeen-year-old Catherine 'Cat' Morland has led a sheltered existence in rural Dorset, a life entirely bereft of the romance and excitement for which she yearns. So when Cat's wealthy neighbours, the Allens, invite her to the Edinburgh Festival, she is sure adventure beckons. Edinburgh initially offers no such thrills: Susie Allen is obsessed by shopping, Andrew Allen by the Fringe. A Highland Dance class, though, brings Cat a new acquaintance: Henry Tilney, a pale, dark-eyed gentleman whose family home, Northanger Abbey, sounds perfectly thrilling. And an introduction to Bella Thorpe, who shares her passion for supernatural novels, provides Cat with a like-minded friend.
Subjects: Regency novels.; Historical.;
© 2014., The Borough Press,
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Softly grow the poppies / by Howard, Audrey.;
In the summer of 1914, Rose is not looking for love. Alice Weatherly turns Rose's world upside down. The young heiress longs to kiss Captain Charlie Summers goodbye - she takes Rose to Liverpool's Lime Street station and into the heart of Charlie's brother Harry.
Subjects: Historical fiction.; Historical.;
© 2012., Hodder & Stoughton,
Available copies: 6 / Total copies: 8

The flight of the falcon. by (SEDAR)2008Du Maurier, Daphne.;
Subjects: HISTORICAL.;
© 1965., Victor Gollancz,

A trail of fire / by Gabaldon, Diana.;
Contents: Lord John and the plague of zombies -- The space between -- The custom of the army -- A leaf on the wind of all hallows.This volume features four extraordinary stories featuring characters from the 'Outlander' series. The titles are 'Lord John and the Plague of Zombies', 'In the Space Between', 'The Custom of the Army', and 'A Leaf on the Wind of all Hallows'.
Subjects: Historical fiction, American.; Historical.;
© 2012., Orion,
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The misbegotten / by Webb, Katherine,1977-;
Bath, 1821. Rachel Crofton seizes the opportunity to leave behind the binds of her unhappy employment as a governess and start a new life as the wife of a charming self-made merchant, through whom Rachel is invited to become the companion of the reclusive Jonathan Alleyn. Rachel's arrival into the grand house has a mysterious effect on those who live there - and it seems the secrets of the past can no longer be swept away.
Subjects: Historical fiction.; Historical.;
© 2013., Orion,
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Soldier of crusade / by Ludlow, Jack,1944-;
Bohemund is heading east into the Byzantine Empire, part of the greatest military expedition of medieval times, the Papal Crusade to take back the holy places of Christendom from the infidel. But Bohemund has his own agenda, the increase of his own riches, fiefdoms and influence at any cost.
Subjects: Historical fiction.; Historical.;
© 2012., Allison & Busby,
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Seeking Mr Hare / by Leitch, Maurice,1933-;
On the 7th of February 1829 the notorious Irish mass murderer and 'resurrectionist' William Hare (of Burke and Hare infamy) was freed from a Scottish gaol, put on a coach to Carlisle, left on the roadside there and subsequently disappeared from human view as if he had never existed. His fellow conspirator and provider of fresh 'meat' for the Edinburgh surgeons' operating tables had earlier been hanged, but fearing the mob's vengeance, the authorities had freed Hare hoping he would vanish forever, little knowing that his name along with the nature of his terrible crimes would reverberate and live on even if his subsequent history did not. 'Seeking Mr Hare' takes up the story where our pariah flees his past through the Northern English countryside and finally across to Ireland.
Subjects: Historical fiction.; Hare, William, 1792?-1870?; Historical.;
© 2013., Clerkenwell,
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Leonardo Da Vinci : God's resurgent / by Merezhkovsky, Dmitry Sergeyevich,1865-1941,; Avsey, Ignat.;
This evocative account of the life of the Renaissance's greatest figure traces Leonardo's early development as an artist and court figure to his final years in exile, portraying his loves and sufferings as well as his intellectual curiosity.
Subjects: Biographical fiction.; Leonardo, da Vinci, 1452-1519; Historical.;
© 2014., Alma Classics,
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The dream of the celt / by Vargas Llosa, Mario,1936-;
It is the summer of 1916 and Roger Casement awaits the hangman. Dublin lies in ruins after the disastrous Easter Rising led by his comrades of the Irish Volunteers. Now his petition for clemency is threatened by the leaking of his private diary and his secret life as a gay man.
Subjects: Biographical fiction.; Casement, Sir, Roger, 1864-1916; Historical.;
© 2012., Faber,
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The last of days / by Doherty, P. C.;
The last days of Henry VIII's reign were taut with tension as the Council factions, ruthless and power-hungry, manoeuvred and fought. Not to mention the tension within the despot himself, his fears and phobias, the obsession he'd developed with the sexually-dominating Howard women. 'The Last Of Days' chronicles the fascinating disintegration of this King, the murderous schemes that encircled him, and the emergence of the ruthless, blood-smattered political order that followed his death.
Subjects: Historical fiction.; Henry VIII, King of England, 1491-1547; Historical.;
© 2013., Headline,
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