I don't know why she bothers / by Waugh, Daisy.;
Daisy Waugh wages mini-rebellion on the repressive sentimentalists who have held the stage for too long since women ventured into the world beyond their kitchens. Daisy will add a dusting of reality to the sickly-sweet bake-your-own rubbish by covering topics such as breast pumps, other children, sleepovers, swearing (yours and theirs) and contagious diseases.
Subjects: Motherhood.; Family and Relationships.;
© 2013., Weidenfeld & Nicolson,
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The mum / by Hazeley, Jason,author.; Morris, Joel,author.;
New title in this bestselling series; a perfect gift for Mother's Day?
Subjects: Motherhood; Family and Relationships.;
© 2016., Michael Joseph,
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Three mothers (and a camel) / by Law, Phyllida,1932-; Law, Phyllida,1932-.Notes to my mother-in-law.; Law, Phyllida,1932-.How many camels are there in Holland?.;
Contents: Notes to my mother-in-law. Originally published: 2009 -- How many camels are there in Holland? Originally published: 2013.Recently widowed and bringing up her two daughters - actresses Emma and Sophie Thompson - and working as a successful actress herself, Phyllida Law travelled up and down Scotland to spend as much time with her ailing mother as she could manage. During the period she kept a lively and frank journal and this book provides many of the sad yet funny examples of her mother's faltering grip on reality.
Subjects: Family and Relationships.; Family and Relationships.; Law, Phyllida, 1932-; Mother and child; Senile dementia;
© 2014., Fourth Estate,
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A manual for heartache [sound recording] / by Rentzenbrink, Cathy,author,narrator.;
Narrated by the author.When Cathy Rentzenbrink was still a teenager, her happy family was torn apart by an unthinkable tragedy. In 'A Manual for Heartache' she describes how she learnt to live with grief and loss and find joy in the world again. She explores how to cope with life at its most difficult and overwhelming and how we can emerge from suffering forever changed, but filled with hope.
Subjects: Rentzenbrink, Cathy; Grief.; Motivation (Psychology); Audiobooks.; Family and Relationships.;
© 2017., Bolinda Audio,
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Dating / by Hazeley, Jason,author.; Morris, Joel,author.;
This work is the latest in the series of Ladybird books which have been specially planned to help grown-ups with the world about them. The large clear script, the careful choice of words, the frequent repetition and the thoughtful matching of text with pictures all enable grown-ups to think they have taught themselves to cope.
Subjects: Dating (Social customs); Family and Relationships.;
© 2015., Ladybird Books Ltd,
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Mum's list / by Greene, St John.;
On her deathbed, Kate Greene's only concern was for her two little boys, Reef and Finn, and her loving husband, Singe. She knew she'd be leaving them behind very soon. The couple talked and cried together as she wrote her thoughts and wishes down, trying to help the man she loved create the best life for their boys after she was gone.
Subjects: Greene, Kate; Greene, Kate; Greene, St John; Mothers and sons.; Family and Relationships.;
© 2012., Michael Joseph,
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You left early : a true story of love and alcohol / by Young, Louisa.;
Louisa first met Robert Lockhart when they were both 17. Their stop-start romance lasted decades, in which time he became a celebrated composer and she, an acclaimed novelist. Always snapping at their heels was Robert's alcoholism, a helpless, ferocious dependency that affected his personality before crippling and finally, despite five years of hard-won sobriety, killing him. There are a million love stories, and a million stories of addiction. This one is truly transcendent. It is at once an utterly compelling portrait of a unique and charismatic man; a bittersweet reflection on an all-consuming love affair; and a completely honest and incredibly affecting guide to how the partner of an alcoholic can possibly survive when the disease rips both their lives apart.
Subjects: Biography.; Biography.; Young, Louisa; Alcoholics' spouses; Alcoholics; Husband and wife.;
© 2018., The Borough Press,
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The sixty minute grandparent : becoming the best grandparent you can be / by Parsons, Rob,1948-;
There are many different kinds of grandparents - tired-out or over-eager, super-involved or unsure how to help, unwilling or ever-ready. In this simple book Rob Parsons will help you reach the common aspiration: to be the best grandparent that you can possibly be.
Subjects: Grandparent and child.; Grandparenting.; Family and Relationships.;
© 2013., Hodder & Stoughton,
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The Unmumsy Mum diary / by Turner, Sarah,1987-author.;
In this volume, the Unmumsy Mum shares with us a year in her life as a mum, wife, blogger and bestselling author. With her trademark candour and wit, she documents the good days and the bad days, the giggles and the tantrums.
Subjects: Turner, Sarah, 1987-; Mothers.; Parenting.; Motherhood.; Turner, Sarah, 1987-; Family and Relationships;
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How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk / by Faber, Adele.; Mazlish, Elaine.;
This is a sensible, lucid guide to practical and effective communication with your children. Using logical approaches to common problems, Faber and Mazlish demonstrate how to improve relationships with children, to make them less stressful and more rewarding.
Subjects: Parent and child.; Child rearing.; Family and Relationships.;
© 2013., Piccadilly,
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