An unusual inheritance / by Long, Jean M.,author.;
Eliza Ellis has a lot on her plate. Although she teaches part-time at the local school, her passion is for baking and cake decoration. When she inherits Lilac Cottage, much to everyone's surprise, she decides to move in rather than sell up. But she also inherits a sitting tenant, in the form of Greg Holt... When Eliza gets involved in a new baking enterprise in the village, old memories are stirred up - and Greg knows more than he is telling...
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The awakening heart / by Long, Jean M.,author.;
When Tamsin's uncle and aunt take a holiday, leaving the family business - Lambourne Catering - in the charge of the younger generation, everyone must pitch in. Working at a near-disastrous dinner party, Tamsin meets Fraser, whose initially abrasive attitude hides a warm and understanding man beneath. Despite herself, Tamsin feels a growing attraction to him. But Rob, the man who broke her heart years ago, has returned - and seems to be carrying a torch for her once more...
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