Beyond Cutting : A Viv Fraser Mystery / by Clifford, V.; Clifford, Vicki;
© 2013., Inverardoch Press,
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Finding Tess / by Clifford, V.; Clifford, Vicki;
In this, the second of the Viv Fraser Mysteries, catch up with fast-moving hair-cutting sleuth Vib Fraser as she wrestles with the deceits of people she thought she knew. She goes in search of a missing girl, while tackling the consequences of a case of missing jewellery. An old friend finds himself professionally compromised and seeks Viv's help. And how is she getting on with Sal, and Mac? Or is there somebody else on the scene?
© 2014, Inveradoch,
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Digging up the dead: A Viv Fraser mystery / by Clifford, V.; Clifford, Vicki;
In Digging Up the Dead hairdresser, super-sleuth and resident of Scotland's capital city Viv Fraser retreats to a cottage in the country for some well earned R&R. However, she soon discover that waliking the dog and staring out at so much green is bad for her health. When DI Marcus Marconi (Mac) arrives to tempt her with a case of unexpected bones on an archaeological site, she's delighted to be given an excuse to use her intelligence and wit.
© 2015., Vicki Clifford,
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Deception is the old black / by Clifford, V; Clifford, Vicki;
In Deception is the Old Black, Scottish super sleuth Viv Fraser is faced with a new investigation. When top brass of the National Task Force, summon her to root out a mole within their ranks, she realises she’ll be pushed to her limits. Never one to shirk a challenge, this time she’s forced to raise her game to dizzying heights. Viv’s knowledge of the dark web and an uncanny nose for deceit lead her to uncover an international trafficking ring. It’s risky, but she’s tenacious. The more she digs the higher the stakes. Would she rather die than disappoint the boss? Has she bitten off more than she can chew? Will she survive? Find out in Deception is the Old Black the fourth Viv Fraser Mystery.
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Freud's converts / by (SEDAR)481895Clifford, Vicki.;
Subjects: Freud, Sigmund, 1856-1939; Psychotherapy;
© 2007., Karnac,
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