My life [sound recording] / by Hunniford, Gloria,1940-author.; Farr, Annie,narrator.;
Read by Annie Farr.As one of Britain's best known TV and radio personalities, Gloria Hunniford requires little introduction. From chat show and current affairs host to presenter of consumer and lifestyle programmes, Gloria is one of the few broadcasters who can genuinely claim to embrace the spectrum of popular culture. Her elusive ability to communicate with people from all walks and backgrounds has earned her a rare iconic status in the hearts and minds of the British public. Now, having just been made an OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours and celebrating 70 years in show-business, Gloria is ready to tell her story.
Subjects: Hunniford, Gloria, 1940-; Women broadcasters; Broadcasters; Audiobooks.; Performing Arts.; Films, cinema;
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A deadly habit [sound recording] / by Brett, Simonauthor,narrator.;
Read by the author.Having landed a small part in a new West End play, The Habit of Faith, Charles Paris is dismayed to discover that his good fortune has been orchestrated by his bete noire, the now-famous screen actor Justin Grover. But why has Grover become involved in this relatively obscure production - and why has he roped in Charles to star? From the outset the production is fraught with difficulties - and matters become even more complicated when a body is discovered at the foot of the dressing room stairs. Did they fall - or were they pushed? As one of the last people to have seen the victim alive, Charles Paris is drawn into the ensuing investigation.
Subjects: Detective and mystery stories.; Audiobooks.; Crime.; Crime & mystery fiction; Paris, Charles (Fictitious character); Actors;
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Falling softly / by Duffy, Maria.;
Holly Russo couldn't be happier. Christmas, her favourite time of year, is only seven weeks away and her boyfriend has just popped the question. David is steady and reliable, and Holly knows he'll give her a wonderful life. The kind of life she's always wanted. Right? Then her new neighbour moves in. Josh O'Toole is also approaching the festive season with joy. He loves his teaching job. He's about to have a baby with his adored girlfriend Stephanie, and they've just moved into a new home to begin their life as a family. And things begin to get complicated.
Subjects: Love stories.; General.; General.;
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Spooky house / by Davies, Benji;
The ever-intrepid Bizzy Bear has come for a visit to a super-spooky Halloween house.
Subjects: Bears-Fiction.; Stories in rhyme.; Animals-Fiction.; Halloween-Fiction.;
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The fib and other stories / by Layton, George.;
This collection of 10 stories about growing up in a northern town in the 1950s features an unforgettable array of characters, some extremely awkward situations, and a host of memorable falsehoods.
Subjects: Children's / Teenage fiction: General fiction; Interest age: from c 9 years; Children's / Teenage fiction & true stories; Children's stories, English.; General.; Short stories.;
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One is one / by Greig, Andrew James;
What connects a man lost to himself and to time, a London detective investigating how a dancer vanished from sight under the watchful gaze of CCTV and a young woman’s search for the truth of her parents’ disappearance on an Orkney island? The answer is found on the Scottish island of Rum, where myth and murder meet a mismatched cast of characters who find more than they ever expected.This novel unravels a mystery, a story where historical fact and mythology are interwoven across the wilder parts of Scotland and Iceland - where thin places accept alternate realities.
© 2018,
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Rogue knight / by Mull, Brandon;
Magic and danger abound in the second book in a series of "fanciful, action-packed adventure" (Publishers Weekly, starred review) from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Fablehaven and Beyonders series. Cole Randolph never meant to come to The Outskirts, but when his friends were kidnapped on Halloween he had to try and save them. Now he's trapped in a world that lies between wakefulness and dreaming, reality and imagination, life and death. Cole's hunt for his lost friends has led him to the kingdom of Elloweer. Accompanied by new friends Mira, Twitch, and Jace, Cole teams up with the resistance movement and joins the search for Mira's sister Honor. But Elloweer has grown unstable. A mysterious enemy is wiping out towns, leaving no witnesses or survivors. And an infamous rebel known throughout the kingdom as the "Rogue Knight" is upsetting the balance of power. With enemies in pursuit, Cole and Mira must resort to a fascinating new kind of magic to protect themselves. Every move is filled with danger as Cole and his friends try to outwit the High King, who will stop at nothing to regain what he has lost.
© 2015, Aladdin Paperbacks,
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The Caldera / by Flanagan, John,author.;
The Herons take to the high seas to fend off pirates and rescue the heir to an empire in the newest adventure from John Flanagan, author of the worldwide bestselling Ranger's Apprentice!Includes BONUS content--a brand-new Ranger's Apprentice short story featuring fan-favorites Will and Maddie!In Hallasholm, Stig is contesting the annual Maktig competition to decide Skandia's greatest warrior. But a late-night knock on the door brings someone Stig never expected to see again, along with a request the Herons are hard-pressed to refuse: a rescue mission of epic proportions.Across the ocean, the southern city-state of Byzantos is plagued by a crew of pirates who've kidnapped the son of Empress Justina. Slipping out of Hallasholm under the cover of darkness, the brotherband sets sail to recover the boy from his kidnappers, heading south to the island of Santorillos where a near-impenetrable fortress stands atop a cliff, surrounded by a lagoon-a caldera-formed by the crater of a volcano.In this explosive seventh book in the action-packed Brotherband Chronicles, the Herons battle pirates amid stormy seas as the fate of an empire rests on their shoulders.11 - US school grade range: From 5 ; 17 - Interest age, years: From 10
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Q Magazine
Q is a popular music magazine published monthly. The magazine has an extensive review section, featuring: new releases, reissues, music compilations, film and live concert reviews, as well as radio and television reviews.
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Amateur Gardening
Amateur Gardening is a British weekly magazine dedicated to gardening. It includes news, advice, feature articles, and celebrity columns and interviews.
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